After a careful analysis of the finalists’ projects, selected by a team of international curators and advisors, the BFSP Jury decreed that the winner of the BFSP#04 is Veit Laurent Kurz (1985, Germany) with the project “The Dilldapp Memorial ” considered the most adherent project to the theme of this Fourth Edition: negativo.

According to the Jury, Kurz’s project deals with theme such as trace and memory to align the interpretation of missing information in archeology with the reading of negative space.
The “
Dilldapp Memorial” combines rigorously historical analyzes with mythology and fiction. The project explores the archeological space and its evocative potential. 
In Kurz’s work the excavation acts as conceptual tool for analyzing life and death, desolation and hope. From a formal point of view, the artist presents a challenge between positive and negative, presence and absence, inspiring a process of analysis that ends up being both mental and physical. 
The artist’s sculptural environment creates an analogy between the eruption of the Vesuvius Volcano, in 79 BC, and an imaginary world, a sort of speculative ethology.

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