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After a careful analysis of the finalists' projects, selected by a team of international curators and advisors, the BFSP#05 Jury decreed that the winner of the Battaglia Foundry Sculpture, Fifth Edition, is Ludovica Carbotta. The artist wins a bursary, an artist residency happening in Autumn/Winter 2020 in the new premises of Fonderia Artistica Battaglia in Milan.


The BFSP#05 call asked the selected artists to investigate the topic of the Incognita.

According to the Jury, the winner of this complex edition is Ludovica Carbotta.

The project touches the concept of a domestic incognita within a worldwide incognita, and as it has a direct connection with the behavior of time.

Carbotta seems to be searching for the enigma of generation, of when a form emerges, then transforms, from almost nothing, that is already something. 

The sculpture rises from an intimate and subjective experience, yet its meaning remains open, almost abstract, suspended.

In Carbotta’s proposal, the time enigma takes form within a deeply personal material transformation, and the artistic documentation of this metamorphosis pushes the incognita beyond its own definition. 
The proposal meaningfully tests sculptural procedures and processes and is anchored in everyday life, as well as the scales of time and space, addressing creation as reproduction.

The work represents in fact, humbly and with delicate grace, the most mysterious enigma of all times: life itself.

For further information on the project, click here.


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